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This Is... Icona Pop

Friday, June 13, 2014 Charmie Gi 0 Comments Category : , , , , , , , , ,


Oh well, today is Friday the 13th. Sounds like a day full of uncertainties for those who are too superstitious. But hey, why not kick those bad vibes away by listening to some lively beat from the Swedish duo, Icona Pop? This duo aims to create music which you can both laugh and cry with at the same time. They have been in the music industry for about 5 years but I guess they were just able to rock it recently. 

Luckily, people in Manila can enjoy their live performance this coming June 26 at the newest club in Global Bonifacio City - Raven. The penthouse of W Fifth Building will surely be blasting #AllNight with the coolest duo. For tickets, you can visit the website of Raven HERE.

As for me, I just wanted to post songs of Icona Pop because they do better than my cup of coffee on making my eyes wide awake in the early morning. Party in the morning! Why not? And such a perfect timing to have this post. I chose their latest album released in 2013, This Is... Icona Pop, for the reason that four of my favorite tracks (i.e. I Love It, All Night, Girlfriend, Just Another Night) are included in it. Let us party not just all night but all day! Enjoy^^ 

1. I Love It (ft. Charli XCX)
I don't care, I love it!

2. All Night
Come on baby, we can hit the lights, make the wrongs turn right. We can smash the club, make the pop go rock. With a love this deep, we don't need no sleep and it feels like we could do this all night.

3. We Got The World
We're just living life and we never stop.

4. Ready For The Weekend
The weekend is comin' up, wanna go loud.

5. Girlfriend
I wanna feel the sun, the waves, the wind in my face, the speed, the chase.
That's how's gon' be, young wild and free.

6. In The Stars
My heart's racing like a rocket, wind it up and watch it go.

7. On A Roll
I know you like, like what you see, well I can't help it. Sit next to me, buy me a drink, let's not be selfish.

8. Just Another Night
Nothing's gonna keep us hostage. I don't want a thing to stop this tonight. Baby oh you think we lost it, just come to me.

9. Hold On
Hold on 'cause I don't think that I can save us baby but hold on 'cause I don't feel like letting go.

10. Light Me Up
I don't care what they say even if I'm going down in flames, light me up.

11. Then We Kiss
Palm trees, a new day, sunrise is something.

Till next post, lovies. Ciao!

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