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Angelica Bakeshop

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 Charmie Gi 1 Comments Category : , , , , , ,

"The sweet, simple things of life are the real ones after all."

Aesthetically pleasing cakes.
Photos are from their official facebook page.
It was just another usual day and I got nothing to do. My friend tagged me along to Angelica Bakeshop because she needed to order some cupcakes for her nephew's Christening and her niece's birthday. I know about Angelica Bakeshop but I haven't tried this shop. My family usually buys cakes from Goldilocks and Red Ribbon (two of the most popular cake shops in PH).

Angelica Bakeshop currently has 6 outlets in Cebu. We visited their branch in OsmeƱa Boulevard. Their shop is open from 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. For more info, you can visit their facebook page HERE.

I am not really an avid sweet-o-holic (my taste buds are so critical when it comes to sweets; they should taste just right enough), but oh how I love the sight of designed cupcakes. I even dream of becoming a cupcake baker in the future. Cupcake art is ♥.

Price Range: PHP 13 - PHP 25

Their celebration cakes and other desserts at an affordable price.

They have a wide array of breads and pastries. I have tried their Cheesy Mamon (I think it's only PHP 18) and I love it. So soft and cheesy.

They also sell other Cebuano delicacies. I have tried Tisa Special Chicharon (small: PHP 35 | big: PHP 60) and it didn't disappoint me.

To sum it up, Angelica Bakeshop offers cakes, pastries and other treats at an affordable price. The taste is reasonable enough for the price. They have a wide selection of special occasion cakes which are budget-friendly. They have limited staff though and you need to wait to be entertained especially if there are a lot of buyers but that's something they can still improve on. Stay sweet, Angelica ♥

Till next post, lovies. Ciao!



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