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Pangan-an Island

Sunday, June 01, 2014 Charmie Gi 5 Comments Category : , , , , , ,

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

Time flies faster than the speed of a shooting arrow. Indeed, it does. I just want to share with you guys that it has been already a year since I started Break Away. That is quite an attainment, isn't it? However, it still feels like I am just beginning a new chapter in my life. It's quite regretful that I wasn't able to embrace this interest during the first half of my year as the sole author of this blog but then it is never too late to start all over again. At the beginning of this year, I relived this hobby when I met different people who truly inspired me to give the best of what I've got. That guy who taught me the value of dreams. That man who believed and still believes in my capabilities. Those friends who always support me in every excursion that I take. Even those who didn't believe in me. We meet people for a reason and I am grateful that they gave me an inspiration and some lessons. As another year unfolds for this blog, I will try my best to be always at my best. To find new places. To meet new people. To learn new lessons. To tell new stories. To inspire the new generation. BREAK AWAY! ♥

Just in time for this celebration, that man, who always believes in me, continues to support my interest by letting me have a new foray buddy. A great companion to help me capture great moments. No words can express how thankful I am. Also, it's a perfect timing that my friend, Nel with her convincing powers, invited me to join the volunteer work in Pangan-an Island headed by the two philanthropic staff in our company. The plan is to deliver goods to some people and some school supplies for students who will have the first day of classes on Monday.

Pangan-an Island is an island-barangay that belongs to Lapu-Lapu City. It is situated east of Mactan and right next to Olango. The easiest way to go there is by boat. The group had its rendezvous at I.T. Park, Lahug. From there, we hailed a taxi to bring us to VaƱo Beach, Marigondon where a boat going to Pangan-an Island was waiting for us.

Welcome Aboard!

Miki-san and Tamo-san.
The couple who made this selfless project possible.

Okay. So, we noticed that everyone was quiet.
It was time for camwhoring! HAHA!

Lovers on board! ♥

Sometimes, you just have to be fearless.

Pangan-an Island. Here we come!

It's not about the destination. It's about the journey.

We headed directly to the school where a large number of people were waiting for us.

The students who were eagerly listening to their teacher who was giving final instructions before the distribution of school supplies.

Different races in unity for the common good.

The precious smiles of the children were priceless.

After that activity, Miki-san gave us a tour around the island where we witnessed the simple life in Pangan-an Island.

The island has solar panels which serve as their power supply. Still, they only have electricity till ten at night.

Basketball Court.

Day Care Center.


Barangay Hall.

One of the main livelihoods in Pangan-an.

Favorite Tree. Good for climbing, right?:)

These children were enjoying the coolness of the waters and the heat of the sun.

Time for us to relax, enjoy the fresh air and

the bountiful lunch!!! :)

Check out these cool souvenirs!

It was around 4 P.M. when the group decided to go back home.
On our way home, we were divided into two groups. That's the second boat ft. Captain Hook confidently standing on the boat's edge. Hooh. :D

Aren't they sweet?
#feelingenvy hmm. haha

We're back!

Pangan-an Island may not be the best place to bask in the sun. An island that is a bit away from the modern civilization but you can surely experience the serenity of the environment and the hospitality of the people. We were there to give but it seems like they were the ones who gave us the true meaning of life. Most of us may not find the simple joys of life and that's something which is quite regrettable. We should try to live a life filled with happiness which doesn't rely on worldly pleasures. As much as possible, let us do good and help people who can never repay us for in that we will know the true essence of generosity and happiness. This trip is quite different from those I had but I can say that this is one of the bests and I proudly say that this is an anniversary well spent. :)

Till next post, lovies. Ciao!



  1. very informative..thank you. If I have time, I continue reading more of your blogs.

    1. Thank you so much Guni Guni! I'd appreciate that.:)

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