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Wednesday, May 28, 2014 Charmie Gi 0 Comments Category : ,

"Love isn't always complicated. People are."

Recently, I have been hearing a bunch of love stories. From the most pleasurable to the most melancholic ones, they never fail to give me the complete feeling of happiness and the miserable effects of bitterness. It just makes me wonder that even in the 21st century, with all the advances in technology, career, and lifestyle, love remains to be one of the most intriguing talks which may consume a bit or maybe most of our time. And once again as I'm hovering around my room, no matter how I try to avoid this, love marks another score against me. (*sigh*) Why is this so? Simply because it's complicated and inexplicable. See the irony?

Love: considered to be a powerful force yet stubbornly remains an  untamed one. You can never control how it will change your life. It could be your best friend as it will bring you to seventh heaven. However, it could be one of the most wicked traitors you have ever encountered in your life. As Cupid's arrow strikes its target, take heed as you will not notice how it slowly crushes your heart. When you get hit by this risky arrow, remove it at once and enjoy the feeling, it's enough to see that small window of opportunity and just wait if things turn out the way Cupid wants it to be.

Once, I became a victim of this unruly situation and it scared the fudge out of me realizing how it became my agent of change. It was a good change though but still I felt scared or maybe surprised about how things went. I just learned how to go with the flow, enjoyed the fleeting moment and took everything as a good learning experience. I didn't allow the arrow to pierce deeply so I just felt and still feel comfortable about what happened. You see? Love isn't complicated. People are. It's how you deal with things which will determine the quality of your life. Live to love, not love to live. After all, it's still the force that makes us one. :)

( p h o t o n o t m i n e )

I just want to share with you this poem which was one of the creepiest things I have ever done. HAHA. This is the first poem that I have written in my entire life so forgive me, my dear poets. -_-Why am I posting this? Simply because I'm complicated. ^^
Disclaimer: This poem is written by a lousy-way-far-even-from-a-frustrated-poet. (*grin*)

Walking alone on a starry night,
bringing these feelings I couldn't fight.
I look up the dark sky as dark as  what I'm feeling inside,
one star stands out and how my eyes adore this sight.
I wonder why this star is alone.
It's far from other stars and it's shining bright on its own.
How I wish I could get it from where it is,
and be with it forever and always.
However, it seems unreachable and I'm not just capable.
If I'm lucky enough then maybe that star may just fall
and I'm just here to catch it and be my all.
This star will always be mine and 
I'll keep admiring it all my life.
And while looking at my star in the night sky,
a spark of hope pops out of my mind.
This fleeting downheartedness will hopefully come to an end.
One day, a star will fall and make this dark heart of mine brighten.

Till next post, lovies. Ciao!