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Famous Belgian Waffles - Cebu

Monday, December 02, 2013 Charmie Gi 2 Comments Category : , , , , , ,

The Original Waffle Sandwich

How to get famous? Then eat what's famous. So, we must admit that we are a little delayed with the so-called latest craze in town. They already have a lot of branches here in Cebu (e.g. SM City Cebu, SM Consolacion, Gaisano Malls). However, I didn't bother to buy one (craving is not that strong-.-). I just pass by and savour the very sweet smell of these waffles. I read other posts about the Belgian Waffles then I was surprised that others will even wait for an hour just to have a bite of these waffwiches. I also heard good comments from my friends so I decided to finally grab a bite. Good thing that they already have a branch in I.T. Park which is located near the entrance of Skyrise 3. Another good thing was that there weren't many customers so we didn't have to wait for a long time.

FBW Food Stall.

I really wonder how the guards of Skyrise 3 can endure the smell of these waffles without giving in. -_- Let's take a look at their choices.

Simply Perfect or Perfect Combination??
After a few minutes, we already decided our flavors. We chose: Plain, Blueberry and Chocolate Peanut Butter. You should pay as you order then you will be given a receipt/claim slip indicating your number then just wait for your number to be called. While waiting for our waffwiches:

Thanks to our lovely photographer , Lindsey, but no thanks.
You got a solo shot anyway! XD
My wafflemates. Bonet, me, Aubrie. It's our time to shine. ^^
We just waited for more or less 10 minutes and tadaa, it's time to chow down our waffwiches.


The verdict. Well, that was good for a quite affordable price. Based on the aroma of the waffles, I expected to have a very sweet one but it tricked us. It's not really that sweet which is good because it makes you want to eat more (we didn't, though). Since I'm an avid fan of crunchy/crispy foods, this one really satisfied me. It has a little crisp on the outside but soft on the inside. Just be sure to eat it at once by the time you receive it. I just love it. My friend let me try the blueberry flavor and it's good. Mine is the chocolate peanut butter and it's perfect for me. It also has small chunks of peanuts in it. That's what you call a Perfect Combination. Cravings, satisfied! We'll come back for more...

P.S.: At this time of posting, FBW will donate PHP 1.00 to the Yolanda victims for every sold waffwich. Remember, little things can go a long way. And that's sweet... ^^ awww.

Till next post, lovies. Ciao!



  1. I've tried bLueberry waffLe..( i supposed to give it to my nephew hihi) juz can't resist the sweet aroma of it!
    I'm not a fan of sweets but it tastes good!
    Lots of Luv - Aubrie :)

    1. Good thing that you liked it but I feel sorry for your nephew~~~ haha.