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BonChon Chicken - Cebu

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 Charmie Gi 0 Comments Category : , , , , , ,

"I Crave, I Love."

Korean dishes, apart from their fashion and music industry, have found their space here in our country. BonChon, a Korean word which means "Original Village", is a Korean-American QSR that highlights the super crispy, light and non-greasy original Korean fried chicken. It originated in Busan, Korea in 2002. As time of posting, there are already 59 franchises in the Philippines. Two of which are here in Cebu:

I visited their shop at SM Cebu last week to get something for my birthday dinner with my family. This is their menu:

Since it's already the Yuletide season, they also offer their holiday sweets.

You need to go to their counter to place your order. After ordering, they will ask for your name then they will give you the receipt with your name and your number. They estimated 20 minutes for them to finish my order. While waiting, I took some pictures of their interior.

Here was my order:

Team BonChon. FTW! :)

Chapchae, a Korean noodle dish. This is the large size @ PHP 220.00. This is three times larger than the regular size which costs PHP 75.00. I'm not really an avid fan of noodles but this has a good taste. It's a little sweet and it's heavy. I easily got full because of this dish.

Chicken Chops.
Chicken Wings.
BonChon chicken is just so good. Team BonChon wasn't lying when they claimed that it's super crispy, light and not greasy. I got the spicy flavored chicken. I tried the soy garlic before but I prefer the spicy one. I really enjoyed nibbling the chicken wings. Nomnom^_^

Choco Caramel S'mores Crispy Crepe.
The cashier just offered me to try their new treat. So, I just got two orders for the sake of trying but I regretted it. It was too yummy and two orders weren't enough for me and my family. T.T It's not too sweet for my taste but it's just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.I really liked the melted marshmallows and the mushy crushed Graham-like filling. I wanna try it again. Yeah.

So, that was my BonChon birthday dinner with my family. My family liked it, they were satisfied with the taste and they want more. Hmm. As for me, it wasn't my first time. I already tried dining in at BonChon and here are some pictures:

Credits to: Tiff for the pictures
Before I forget, they also accept deliveries.
For more details:

Credits: Pictures without watermark are from the official BonChon website.

Till next post, lovies. Ciao!