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A Constant Battle: The Heart and The Mind

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 Charmie Gi 1 Comments Category : , ,

"Sometimes the worst battle you have to fight is between what you know and how you feel."
How by Regina Spektor

Follow your heart. I easily blurt out these three common words to other people when they confide to me the things that trouble the heart. But as we all know, we don't really consider what we say unless we experience the same thing as they do. Easy to say but definitely hard to do.

Follow your mind. These are the exact three words that my mother always reminds me when we talk about matters of love and the like. She always supports her words with this notion; "The mind is located above the heart which simply means that it's on the top and should be followed.". As they say, mothers know best.

So which should we follow? The heart that knows things that your mind can't explain? Or the mind that can recognize what the heart is trying to deny?

I used to think that everything will just fall on its right place once you follow your heart. I thought of stars shining brightly, wind blowing gently, birds chirping sweetly, and everything dreamy. Life though has its own way of playing its game. Reality is, following your heart may bring you to a world you have never imagined. A world with its never-ending obstacles. It brings a lot of consequences. The sad part is that since your heart desperately wants to feed its desires, the consequences are frustrating, devastating. heart-wrenching. You decide to follow your heart, you push yourself to the limits. The heart knows not when to stop. It doesn't know any boundaries and that's quite terrifying.

On the other hand, following what your head's telling you from the very first day is how to keep the game safe. You organize your thoughts, you predict the consequences, you make your game plan. It will make your life smooth but will leave your soul wondering what could have happened if you chose to play outside the box. You will be living a life full of what if's.

Then here I say, it's all about a matter of balance. It depends on what situation you are facing. Following your heart is good as long as you carry one which is full of courage and knows how to live alongside your greatest fears. What your heart desires and what you fear are almost always in the same boat. You always have that fear that you might not get the endless desires of your heart. Despite all the difficulties and confusion, the satisfaction you get from your heart's desires is priceless. The pain that you feel is all worth it. However, there are times when all that's left to do is to give up on how you feel because of what you know. Sometimes, you just have to follow what your mind is whispering to you, not because it's always right but because it knows what's best for you. Sometimes, you have to give up on your own desires just to give way to what's right and what brings happiness to other people.

Heart over mind. Mind over heart. A constant battle which leaves its warriors in a state of confusion. Time will come that these two will agree to a ceasefire, if you're patient enough to wait and if you're wise enough to learn what has to be learned.

Till next post, lovies. Ciao!



  1. F that, the heart knows best and the mind well it plays tricks on itself.