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If I Stay

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 Charmie Gi 0 Comments Category : , , , , , , , ,

"Time can heal a broken heart, but time can also break a waiting heart."

Last Friday night was a movie date with the girls and of course, before you get to enjoy the movie, you get to delight first in various trailers of upcoming movies. There are so many interesting movies that are going to hit the town in the next few months. But! One movie captured my senses (well, apart from the 5-sec or so teaser of the last installment of the Hunger Games trilogy which I've always been looking forward to...) which will storm the cinemas this coming August 22, #IfIStay. Time to mark your calendars, ayt?

At first, I wasn't really into the trailer but since it's the girl who kept us in suspense in the movie Carrie, Chloe Grace, I gave it a chance but then I got enthralled when THE music played at the middle part of the trailer.

Say something I'm giving up on you...

With such a sentimental song sang by two great voices, who wouldn't, right?

"If I Stay" is based on the acclaimed novel written by Gayle Forman. The plot mainly revolves about how two musically inclined individuals, with their own different genres, were bound together by their love for music but then this got tested as the protagonist was involved in an unfortunate accident which brought her to the not-so-another dimension, an out-of-body experience. And it's up to her whether to wake up from this deep sleep or just to slip away. A story about fate, self-will, choices and the power of love.

"Imagine if all your choices were gone. Except one. And it's the only one that truly matters."

Currently, I'm halfway done with the book and so far the events were quite predictable just by watching the movie trailer. No spectacular twists yet but I'm looking forward to one so it got me shaking my leg. So, if you too are interested in the story, then you still have an ample time to grab a copy of the book now. Anyway, it's your choice. :)

Till next post, lovies. Ciao!