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Thursday, February 19, 2015 Charmie Gi 3 Comments Category : , , , ,

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

There is always that ecstatic feeling when life brings us something new; new friends, new achievements, new places, new experience and many more. However, we can't also eradicate the fact that new paths are almost always tied up with risk-taking. The question is: Would you rather take the risk of taking the unknown or just stay in your mundane zone?

The 8th of February marked a new beginning for the Laguna Group as it had its soft opening of its sixth restaurant, Parilya. Situated in the developing commercial and lifestyle strip Il Corso at South Road Properties Cebu, this place will surely be a boon for Cebuanos. As early as now, people are already flocking to this new resto to try what Parilya can offer.

The Place.
Enjoy an al fresco seaside dining experience here at Parilya.
You get to choose either you want an indoor or outdoor seating.

They also have various delicacies and treats for sale.

Our Order.
Parilya Lechon @ PHP 295.00 / order
Plain Rice @ PHP 40.00
Akel's Halang Manok Soup @ PHP 195.00
Baked Scallops @ PHP 185.00
Seafood Duo (Shrimps & Crabs) @ PHP 350.00
The dishes that we ordered were good for 2-3 people.  For our drinks, we ordered their fresh fruit juices priced at PHP 85.00 and their fruit shake priced at PHP 95.00. I personally like how they presented their rice. The banana leaf wrapped around the rice gave a distinct flavor to it, a flavor I really missed. The Parilya lechon didn't impress me that much. Yes, the skin's crispiness was there but I was looking for a more tender meat. It was also too salty for me. The soup was just okay for me. It was a bit bland, I was expecting for a creamier and more kick to it. I liked their seafood especially the baked scallops, it was heaven! Since they were still on their soft opening, they can still improve on the taste of their food to make it more pleasurable to the palate. I'm also hoping for a more unique and distinct taste that they can give to their dishes.

Our Moments.
with Kimmy and Van^^

Parilya at Night.

The food may not be that exceptional but the ambiance of the restaurant is never a question. Though the surrounding area is still under construction, it was a perfect place for a relaxing dining experience. The view of the deep blue sea, the bright interior, the cool wind, the sound of the waves, who wouldn't get that laid-back feeling?  I could say that it was a dinner well spent at Parilya. I'm looking forward to visiting this restaurant again once the construction of the place is finished.

Till next post, lovies. Ciao!



  1. Very accommodating. The food is quite good. I love the ambiance of the restaurant. Good for everyone especially Filipinos to taste their own Filipino Dish.

  2. The best seaside restaurant I’ve visited here in Cebu.

    1. One of the best but I don’t think it as the best.