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Lai Garden

Friday, January 02, 2015 Charmie Gi 4 Comments Category : , , ,

"Today, it's time to let go of anything that's bringing you down. Don't let negative circumstances deter you from the wonderful things life has to offer. If it's not uplifting, it's not worth it."

Yay! Happy 2015 guys! Everyone's gone busy throughout the holiday season. Celebrations here and there. How was yours? I bet all of you had a good time. However, it's time to face the reality, it's back to normal. We may be back to our daily grind but we are blessed with a new beginning. A chance to start anew. Are we ready? Of course, we are. We are definitely ready to embrace the new challenges 2015 has in store for us. We are more than ready to receive more blessings and the best of luck. We are ready to get to know more people and gain more experience. We are now ready to let go of the bad things that hurt us in the past and move forward with an optimistic heart. Make this year better and sweeter than the previous one.♥

Let me share to you our first dining experience of the year. We really didn't have plans where to go (we're always like this^^). We just wandered around SM City Cebu to find a good restaurant and ended up having dinner at Lai Garden.

The Place.
I'm not sure how many branches they have but I know they have one in Gaisano South. This was actually my first time to try Lai Garden but just looking at their place, their SM branch looks more pleasing to the eye than the one in Gaisano South.  
The Food.
They have a wide selection of Chinese dishes. Price Ranges: Affordameals (PHP 49 - PHP 149); Family Meals (PHP 299 - PHP 599); A la Carte Meals (PHP 120 - PHP 240).
We decided to have this Family Meal priced at PHP 499 which is good for 5 people. This meal is inclusive of 5 fried chicken, Pancit, Calamari, 10 Shumai, 5 cups of rice, 5 drinks (Iced Tea).
 Our Moments.

Peace ya'll!
Happy New Year! Greetings from us to you~

Their foods may not be the best-tasting Chinese dishes but they are reasonably priced. It's not really that expensive. We even got a good deal from our 499 pesos. I like their Shumai and Calamari. The place is neat and clean. The furniture is well-arranged and I like the presence of Chinese lanterns. What's a bit down here is their staff. Maybe we were hungry, maybe we were tired but we didn't like how the staff treated us. We told them at the first place that we were waiting for a friend so we couldn't order immediately but they kept on bugging us to order at the counter. They told us for like three times. It's understandable if there were a lot of diners but there were just a few. Another thing is that they didn't know how to serve their costumers with a smile. I always noticed that guy staff fiercely looking at us. Seriously? I think that is something that they can work on for this new year. Hopefully. And for us, well, good thing it's new year; we didn't let those bad things ruin the night.

Till next post, lovies. Ciao!

Credits: Aubrie for the pictures.



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  2. Great time, great food and great company. Perfect way to start a great year!
    Ohhh well.. I am hungry now. Care to have some dim sum later? XD

    1. Gaah. I just read your comment. TT Would have dined out with you. Well, some other time Ram^^

  3. Sure sure , I hope that sometime comes close to the soonest.
    Sure this would be my "first" date this year. XD