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Chukumi Native

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 Charmie Gi 2 Comments Category : , , ,

"Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears."

Yes, a post it is! ^^ This one is a late post but still, it's a post. HAHA. I think I really made the cool off process with my blog a bit longer than expected when I discovered a new interest, doodling! waaaah. I'm no expert but I find this hobby cute and so good for killing time :3 You can check out my Instagram feed below to know what I'm talking about. teehee.

Enough for that and let me share this dining experience as a post celebration of my friend's birthday. The group decided to go to Korea, I mean to have a taste of Korea.^^ Since we love samgyeopsal, we decided to try Chukumi Native. It is located along Salinas Drive, Lahug across USPF / Route Stop. You'll never miss it.

The Place.
As the name suggests, they have this native set-up: bamboo tables and chairs, bamboo posts, bamboo decors, bamboo and wooden posts, nipa huts, wooden tables and chairs. You get to dine in the open air but we're still in the middle of a business area so it's quite uncomfortable because of the temperature, traffic noise and a bit of pollution. 
They have VIP rooms (AC rooms) which can be used on weekdays if you dine worth PHP 1000. However, on weekends, they reserve these rooms for groups consisting of 10 people and up.
The Menu.

Our Order.
We had two orders of their Chu Samgyb (Chukumi & Samgybsal) @ PHP 510 / order. You can choose to have them cook for you or you can cook it by yourself. It comes with unlimited side dishes. We had this cold seaweed soup, gimbap and steamed  egg for free. Steamed egg is a must-try too! 

Our Moments.♥
Behind the smiles are those sleepy minds. OTL

Saeng il chukha hamnida chingu ♥ 
You are one tough shell on the outside but I know you have that soft spot in your heart. I'm praying for your happiness. Stay the same! 

We definitely got a kick out of that dinner. The place was a bit off for me but the dishes that we have tried were superb. Just a little tip though, for their other dishes (refer to menu) you get to choose if  you want not spicy, medium, spicy, don't be so confident and choose medium or spicy because even the not spicy has already a kick to it. For adventurous tongues, then go for spicy! The chukumi (grilled small octopus) can already make you full, the samgybsal is lighter than chukumi, pair them and wrap 'em in a lettuce and just give it a three-point shot to your mouth, that's how you train your dragon! HAHA. Crave. Drool. Crave. Drool. I just wanna try chukumi again:)

Till next post, lovies. Ciao!