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Reasons Why You Shouldn't Love...

Monday, September 22, 2014 Charmie Gi 0 Comments Category : , , ,

Love kept knocking but there I was ignoring.
When I started knocking, it seemed like no one's hearing.
And when I started to stop and to give it up,
One thought of you made the broken pieces interlock in just a snap.

Love stories. I listen to them. I watch them. I even write about them. Still, I'm finding it hard to understand this very simple yet an even more intricate concept. From then till now, it remains as absurd as the misty clouds on a gloomy dawn. The love that gives you the most wonderful feeling, the love that takes you to the highest of the high could be possibly the same love that holds on to you and suddenly lets you go... just like that. Then the moment you wake up to reality is the same moment you find yourself falling with no one to catch you at all.

I've watched hearts go broken. I've seen mascara running down from those once vibrant eyes. I've listened to the never ending sobs and cries. I've heard the screams and the shouts. I've hurt my ears trying to listen to stories stuck on repeat. I've comforted those weakened spirits. I've drunk with lonesome hearts. I've witnessed how they get on that risky roller coaster ride. Up they go but see how they fall with all the twists and turns.

Love is the most unbelievable minx of all time. It enslaves desperate hearts. It captures wandering souls. It makes wise minds go loco. It knows how to play even with the most playful element on Earth. People are aware but they never seem to care. The question is always a "why". Then I come to realize that no matter how I keep on babbling about the wretchedness of love, it remains to be the most wonderful feeling which adds that flavorful kick in your bland and colorless life. It's the only force in this world which can make you profoundly sane and insane at the same time. It's not perfect but it's true.

Love makes you do things for you to learn things. It makes you stronger and different from that girl or boy of yesterday. It hurts you, it crushes you to the core for you to find that one precious diamond which is buried deep down inside. It plays with the most playful element on Earth for you to realize the real value of time. It makes wise people foolish once in a while for them to learn something which cannot be found in the great books of our time. It breaks your heart, it leaves you empty to make space for the better which is yet to come.

Have faith and be patient. Love never intends to make you pick up those broken pieces of your heart, it is actually playing the real heroine in this story we call "Life". Sometimes, the best lessons are learned through pain. Forgive love for that way. Forget pain, be brave and love all the way. Don't forget that there's always a rainbow after the rain.

There may be reasons why you shouldn't love but there are more reasons why you must love. ♥

Till next post, lovies. Ciao!

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