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Bubble Bee Cafe

Friday, July 18, 2014 Charmie Gi 0 Comments Category : , , , , , , , , ,

"Your day is just about to get a little bit better."

Just when Friday was about to end, one little snag popped out and boy, I just didn't know how to handle my nerves. Good thing there's Bubble Bee Cafe to the rescue and of course it couldn't be better without my girl friends.

Another bee has found it's hive on the Ground Floor of Skyrise 3, IT Park and it's starting to buzz around the area. Bubble Bee Cafe is the 4th branch of Bubble Bee Tea House and they have been operating for already a month. Please refer to this picture for the location of their other branches. They are open daily from 10:00 A.M. - 2:00 A.M

The Location.

The Place.
While it's not as homey as the other branches, still the laid-back feeling is there. I deem the set-up appropriate to it's location.

Cute stuff.

This detail might go unnoticed so I'd like to let you know that there is a quote on their tables.

Cute pigs^^ Oink. Oink.

A memo board can be found at one corner of the cafe where you can post little notes.

These pillows are cool! Do hope they put more personalized quote pillows. That'd be cooler :D

The Menu.


For the beer lovers out there, when cold is not enough, they also offer beer below zero.

Our Order.

The Banana Milk Tea was a surprise. You better try it too!

( B o t t o m :  W i n t e r m e l o n  M i l k  T e a  /  T o p ,  L  t o  R :  T a r o  M i l k  T e a ,  B a n a n a  M i l k  T e a  /  C e n t e r :  B l u e b e r r y  S l u s h )

This one is definitely a guilty pleasure. I'm a cheese lover but this I say, the gravy won.

P o u t i n e :  f r i e s ,  m o z z a  c h e e s e  c u r d s ,  g r a v y

Our BBC Moments. ♥

Playing around with our milk teas. Teehee.

That was an afternoon well spent at Bubble Bee Cafe. With its vibrant interior, it was definitely a place I just needed to uplift my spirit. The drinks were refreshing and the sweetness level is just enough. Since we were not that hungry, we weren't able to try a lot of their offerings but just by reading their menu, I could say that their dishes are quite interesting and I love that they have a wide range of food choices compared with other tea houses. I found their staff accommodating but there's nothing wrong to ask them to be more bubbly. One thing too, maybe window blinds can be a good addition to the place; they can be very helpful especially in the afternoon when the sun is out. It's still a month since they opened so I'm pretty confident that they will be working on some improvements. Bubble Bee Cafe made my day so much better. Now, it's easier to crave for milk tea, good milk tea. BONUS: If you are a lover of superheroes, don't miss to use their lavatory. ^^

Till next post, lovies. Ciao!