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Dong Juan - I.T. Park

Monday, February 10, 2014 Charmie Gi 0 Comments Category : , , , , , ,

"A good food for every Dodong."

Dong Juan, a restaurant owned by young couple entrepreneurs Aubrey and Barney Borja, opened up their 18th branch in Calyx Centre, IT Park, Cebu City. This restaurant is really buzzing not just here in Cebu; they are really gaining "Dodongs" nationwide. 

A dear friend of ours wanted to treat us to dinner and he specified to have Filipino cuisine. When my friends and I went to Calyx Centre, we had no idea about Dong Juan's popularity. We just wanted to chow down Filipino dishes. When we found this place, we immediately decided "This is it!". The name itself is really Filipino and the place shows it so.

The Place.
So, there was no time to waste. (too hungry? haha) We, then, looked at their menu:
(click photos to enlarge)


The staff were really accommodating and I was impressed because we ordered a lot but then we didn't wait for a long time. And, we were egzoited! ^^ Here's what we ordered:
TRACK 2 @ PHP 1139
Dong Juan Fried Rice
Babyback Ribs
Crispy Pata
Seafood Soup
Herbed Iced Tea
And we added more,

All Meat Pochero @ PHP 269
Spicy Shrimp in Crab Roe and Olive Oil @ PHP 249
Then for the sweet tooth, we finally had the dessert.

Ice Cream Burger @ PHP 199
Warm Brownie Melt @ PHP 99
Dessert Cannoli @ PHP 169
By the way for Kimchi lovers out there, they also have Kimchi burger. (we haven't tried this one. hmm.)

I wanna try =.=
That was our oh-so-yummy and oh-so-full dinner! We were really satisfied. My personal favorites are the Crispy Pata, Spicy Shrimp and Warm Brownie Melt. The ambiance was really relaxing and of course, the foods were great at an affordable price. And what made it great? It was for free. :D Thanks to our dear friend. Two thumbs up for Dong Juan, I'll be your "Dodong" forever. 

It's definitely all about taste :)
More pictures of our Dong Juan Experience:

Dong Juan (IT Park branch) accepts your comments and suggestions: Please text 0932-8505826
For more information about their branches, please visit this website: http://dongjuan.ph/branch/

Till next post, lovies. Ciao!